Let’s make Daubeney and E5 #10xGreener!

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Greener streets are better for our mental health, can boost biodiversity, reduce air pollution, reduce the likelihood of flooding and even provide free food.

Supported by Friends of the Earth, 10 x Greener is a pilot project to inspire and support E5 residents to make their neighbourhoods as green and attractive as possible. Starting on Daubeney Road (by Daubeney Fields), we’re doing this by planting and growing lots and lots of plants.

Our team of interested residents, the Poppy Estate’s gardener John Little, Hackney Council, Daubeney Primary School, EcoActive, Daubeney Fields Forever and local community groups will work together to see how many grey spaces we can fill with life.

The Clapton Park Estate has already demonstrated what is possible with its public food planting and resident allotments, wildflower meadows, poppy strips and insect habitats. We are keen to expand these fantastic examples into Daubeney Road and across E5. We hope to inspire other streets across the UK to be greener too.

The project is being filmed by the BBC Natural History Unit as part of a new series called Wild Metropolis that is looking at London becoming a National Park City. It will be aired at the end of this year.

The idea is simple, ambitious and can be summed up by one simple question: Starting with Daubeney Road, how green can we make E5?

Get involved by exploring this website, planting lots of stuff outside your home and:

  1. Coming to an event
  2. Back our new crowdfunding campaign to hire a Community Gardener
  3. Reading our project updates
  4. Joining our 10 x Greener Daubeney Facebook group

Let’s make the Daubeney neighbourhood and E5 #10xGreener!

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